Why We Need Nuclear Power
The Environmental Case
Michael H. Fox
Nuclear power may just be the most important solution to our search
for clean, sustainable energy sources. Although wind and solar can
contribute to our energy mix, we need a reliable source to meet
large-scale energy demands and break our dependence on fossil
fuels. However, most people are wary, if not downright afraid, of nuclear
power.  Given nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima, it's
not difficult to see why. In the wake of these events, fear has clouded
the public's understanding of the facts. It's time to clear up those
misconceptions and examine the science behind nuclear power, in
order to determine what role it could and should play in our future.

In Why We Need Power: The Environmental Case, radiation biologist
Michael H. Fox argues that nuclear power is essential to slowing down  
the impact of global warming. He examines the issue from every angle,
relying on thirty-five years of research spent studying the biological
effects of radiation. Fox begins with the problem, carefully laying out
how our current energy uses and projections for the future will affect
greenhouse gases and global warming. The book then evaluates each
major energy source and demonstrates the limits of renewable energy
sources, concluding that nuclear power is the best solution to our
environmental crisis. Fox then delves into nuclear power, looking at the
effects of radiation, the potential for nuclear accidents, and the best
methods to dispose of nuclear waste. By systematically analyzing each
aspect of the nuclear issue, Fox clarifies which concerns have a
scientific basis and which remain unsupported. His in-depth
exploration of the facts persuasively demonstrates that nuclear power
is critical to reducing the effects of energy production on the global

Written in an engaging and accessible style, Why We Need Nuclear
Power is an invaluable resource for both general readers and
scientists interested in the facts behind nuclear energy.
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